Friday, August 3, 2007

Summer activities - Part 2

Aunt Annie just sent Daddy more pictures about Anini's summer activities. A-Nini met another baby girl, Alison(Wan-Wan), who is 5 months older than her. Wan-Wan and A-Nini become good friends now, although they don't have any conversation at all.

"ANini, don't be shy. Go play with WanWan."
"I am rolling - Hurry up! Come here, WanWan!"
"Mommy and I at Rooslvet Island."
"Where is Daddy?"
"Bubble Tea?"
"July 4th - I feel Patriotic"
"Opps, you got me I was crying."

"Finally Daddy shows up. ^^"


Annie Chang said...



Annie Chang said...

Anini 和 Alison 說過話喔~

那張 "I'm rolling" 其實是--

Anini 叫 Alison 也上 Air Bed 一起玩,結果 Alison 動作比較慢一點而已,急性子的 Anini 就很生氣地一直哭叫著耶~

這是 Aunt Annie 第一次看見 Anini 如此生氣!(除了肚子餓、尿布濕和想睡覺之外)