Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grandma is going back to Taiwan

Finally it's time for Grandma to say good-bye to beloved A-Nini. She is going back to Taiwan after 3 months stay. Grandma takes care of A-Nini 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and Anini must feel different that someone important to her is no longer next to her everyday..

"Grandma, A-nini will miss you."

Don't Worry A-Nini, we will go back to Taiwan to see Grandma next year! Do not forget her voice and how much she loves you.

"My new outfit."

Friday, May 11, 2007

A-nini 3 months - I like bath more now.

I am having a bath at Aunt Judy's house. I am so happy and Everyone is looking at me !

"Hmm...Everyone is looking at me ^^"

"Someone said my Daddy's belly looks like mine! "

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daddy's first bath

Since last week, Grandma decided let Daddy to take a bath for A-Nini. A-Nini likes taking a bath very much now. We guess she thinks we are playing with her.

Daddy has been trained to be ready for this job since A-Nini's first bath, from preparing the water with perfect temperature, putting clothes on her and changing diapers. Finally this day is coming. Grandma supervised the whole process to make sure everything go smoothly.

"Daddy is washing my body!"

It's more difficult than I expected. First, I have to tap her butt with water before the rest of body goes into the water to let her get used to it. Then, use left hand to hold her left arm to support her head. Next step, use a small tower wipe her face while the water is still clean, and then wash her body and her hair with baby soap.

"Daddy is washing my hair."

Next part is even challenging - washing her back. I had to switch hands to turn her over. Grandma's trick allows Daddy to turn her over quickly but still hold her tightly. More importantly, A-Nini did not cry at all from the begining. She looks like she is having fun. ^^

"I have better cooperate with Daddy otherwise no milk after bath."

"Look, I stand up!"

She always cries loudly after a bath, either she still wants to stay in the tub or she is hungry. Of course, we reward her cooperation with a 60 ml mother milk after a bath everytime.

"Yummy Yummy..."