Saturday, March 31, 2007

Little princess

Saturday the weather was fantastic. We went to a Party at Huei-Lin’s friend’s (Sara)house. Thanks for Lesley's lovely dress and she looks like a little princess now.

"Daddy is taking picture for me, I'd better to find a good pose."

A lot of people first time see Tiffany and ask us "boy or girl?" Maybe sometimes she wears the clothes from her cousin Albert and Ethan makes her looks like a boy. To improve her first impression to others, we decide to wear more pink clothes when we go out.

Tiffany looks so adorable on this picture! Uncle Chaipin said she needs a boy friend.

"I am a little princess, not a boy, please."
Tiffany's grandma in Taiwan called many times to remind us letting her sleep on her belly (趴睡). The benefit is she will have better head shape. Also it can help to enforce her neck muscle. We just need to pay more attention when she sleep like this.

"Sleeping Beauty sleeps on her belly!"

Anyway, for a month-old baby, she is growing fast and becomes cuter and cuter everyday.

Friday, March 23, 2007

One month old

Tiffany was one month old on 3/23. In Taiwan, people usually inivite all our friends to One-Month-Old party. Since we had baby shower before and most of my friends saw her already, we decide not to invite anyone.

We had a shower for her that night first, and then put some gold decorations on her. Then we celebrated with a black forest chocolate cake from Shila (Korean Bakery).

"I am still a little bit afraid of water, but I am very brave and will be alright."

We all have our own job for her bath now - Grandma washes her body and head, Mommy hold her hands and warp her with a big tower when she is done, and Daddy prepares the hot water and clean everything afterward.

"Mommy, hold my hands please"

The golden deceration is a gift from Huei-Lin's friend "Brother Li-Kao".

"Mommy is putting gold on me - Golden Pig Tiffany"

However, she fell asleep after we are ready to celebrate with a cake. She can't eat the cake anyway. Then Mommy and Daddy finished it.


Her aunt Judy and her cousins, Albert Shyu and Ethan Shyu come over to see Tiffany next day. Ethan said he is her little brother now and he will share toys with her

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The first bath ever

Tiffany stinks these days because we didn’t give her any bath after she left hospital. Her doctor reminds us not giving her a bath until belly button is fully healed.

We only wipe her body and her butt when she poos a lot. I had to get a bigger size of diaper for her yesterday.

Finally, today, her belly button looks ok to us. Her grandma decided to give her a very first bath.

"What is it? Water?"

Apparently, she didn’t like it but after the bath, but I believe she feels much better (based on her reaction after bath) and surely smells better than before.

"I am afraid of water, Grandma!"

Like most of new born baby, Tiffany has Neonatal Jaundice (嬰兒黃膽) in the first month. Doctor said it's normal for newborn baby, but we need to pay attention on it if the yellowish does not go away.

A box of Pampers diapers(212 diapers in it) costs $35. A large size of baby formula is around $30. Although she is breast feeding, we sometimes give her baby formula if she is still hungry. In short, she drinks, poos and sleep over and over again every 3 hours.

"I start to wear Size 1 diaper from today."

After today, we give her a bath almost every night. Now she likes it very much.

Friday, March 16, 2007

3 Weeks old

Tiffany's grandma came to US a week before Tiffany was born. Her arrival is more than welcome. Otherwise we would not know what to do at the first night home from the hospital. She not only take care of baby most of time, but also let Huei-Lin to have enough rest to recover from the labor.

And we know when she is hungry ... from her face.

Before Tiffany was born, we went to a car seat certificate program held by Montgomery county fire department. A fireman voluntarily examined the car seat for us, and also demonstrated how to install car seat correctly in the car and how to bulk up the baby. The newborn baby's neck is still weak, so the extra towers are neccessary to put around her head protecting her neck.

We are going to Yi-Lin and Annie's hotpot party. She likes to have a ride with Daddy for sure. Whenever the car is moving, she stops crying.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

1 week old

Past 72 hours was chaotic to us and we need to take turns to sleep. Mommy has to breast-feed Tiffany every two hours. Now Tiffany is cuter than day one and drink a lot of milk from Mommy every two hours and also poo poo a lot. ^^

"I look like a little pig, because I was born in year of Golden Pig!"

Tiffany got so many scratches on my face due to her long and sharp nails . We need to put gloves on her hand to avoid her nails cut her face, but her hands were so small that gloves were easily to slip away. Fortunately, it heals within 2 days.

We are still thinking her Chinese name. Annie gives us a good name candidate - "廖婕宇".