Monday, August 27, 2007

Take me to the ball game~~

Daddy took me to my first ball game in Baltimore! "Orioles VS Twins!"
Thanks to Uncle Charlie and Aunt MingChuan's free tickets!

"I am so happy today!"

"It's so hot at the ballpark. The heat makes me feel sleepy."

"Uncle JJ is going back to Taiwan! I will miss you!"

"The ballgame lasted 3 hours and Anini finally fell in sleep."

Friday, August 3, 2007

Summer activities - Part 2

Aunt Annie just sent Daddy more pictures about Anini's summer activities. A-Nini met another baby girl, Alison(Wan-Wan), who is 5 months older than her. Wan-Wan and A-Nini become good friends now, although they don't have any conversation at all.

"ANini, don't be shy. Go play with WanWan."
"I am rolling - Hurry up! Come here, WanWan!"
"Mommy and I at Rooslvet Island."
"Where is Daddy?"
"Bubble Tea?"
"July 4th - I feel Patriotic"
"Opps, you got me I was crying."

"Finally Daddy shows up. ^^"