Sunday, March 18, 2007

The first bath ever

Tiffany stinks these days because we didn’t give her any bath after she left hospital. Her doctor reminds us not giving her a bath until belly button is fully healed.

We only wipe her body and her butt when she poos a lot. I had to get a bigger size of diaper for her yesterday.

Finally, today, her belly button looks ok to us. Her grandma decided to give her a very first bath.

"What is it? Water?"

Apparently, she didn’t like it but after the bath, but I believe she feels much better (based on her reaction after bath) and surely smells better than before.

"I am afraid of water, Grandma!"

Like most of new born baby, Tiffany has Neonatal Jaundice (嬰兒黃膽) in the first month. Doctor said it's normal for newborn baby, but we need to pay attention on it if the yellowish does not go away.

A box of Pampers diapers(212 diapers in it) costs $35. A large size of baby formula is around $30. Although she is breast feeding, we sometimes give her baby formula if she is still hungry. In short, she drinks, poos and sleep over and over again every 3 hours.

"I start to wear Size 1 diaper from today."

After today, we give her a bath almost every night. Now she likes it very much.

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